Ohlala Partywear and Club Wear, fully tailored

Ohlala sells Partywear and club wear in many different sizes. The collection of Ohlala Partywear and Club Wear is for a large part made by hand, or even completely custom made for you. Every month new articles are added to our range of products. 

Ohlala Masks and Capes, New Arrival

Of course the masks and capes of Ohlala Partywear are one of our regular products, but we keep renewing our collections. Our Masks and Capes get the same attention as our high quality Partywear. Like our partywear, our masks and capes are also made 50% by hand.

Sexy Party Clubwear Ohlala from XS to 10x XL

Everyone wants to be sexy, which is the reason the sexy party clubwear by Ohlala is available in all sizes from XS to 10x XL. You can reach us for the possibilities. Also take a look at our XXL plus size products. 

Ohlala Party Clubwear uses different fabrics and colors

Ohlala Party Club Wear uses many different materials and fabrics that vary in color. These different materials and colors are used in our collection for different theme parties. The sexy and provocative materials are spicy and are chosen with care. 

Ohlala Partywear Capes, from our own studio

The capes of Ohlala Partywear are designed and produced in our own workshop. These capes are offered both on our website as in the showroom of Ohlala Partywear. Capes are produced with heavy velvet fabrics, but also with thin veil. Capes of satin. Capes in black. Capes for men and women. Capes with a length dimension of 135 cm. Capes made to measure. The Ohlala Partywear Capes are available in all colors. At the request of the customer, these capes can be made with all possible fabrics. Capes are made in our workshop. 

Capes of sparkling incorruptible fabrics

The capes are made of sparkling incorruptible fabrics. Wrinkles are impossible, so if you are going to a party and the cape needs to be placed in your suitcase for a little while, it won't be a problem. The sparkling fabrics have a mysterious look. 

Ohlala Partywear masks: authentic and handmade

Ohlala Partywear masks are modern. The authentic Venetian masks have had a make over. Ohlala Partywear Masks are authentic and handmade. The used materials are leather, paper mache, fabric, lace, paint and filigree. The products are modern, fetish, artfully and creatively conceived and manufactured in our own workshop. Masks with an authentic character. 

Ohlala Partywear Masks for any theme party

Ohlala Partywear masks are to be used at any theme party, like Eyes Wide Shut parties or an elegant Masquerade Ball, Harem Nights, Buresk, Fetish, Gothic, BDSM and are adaptable to all theme parties. 

Ohlala Partywear Masks are laced

Ohlala Partywear masks are laced. The lace masks are sexy and very erotic. The laces have a flexible fit and the masks are light on the skin. A mask of lace is not heavy and easily let's air through.

Lace masks, Ohlala Partywear in different colors

The lace masks Ohlala Partywear produces are available in many different colors. Black lace masks, masks of gold and silver. Sexy red lace masks. Lace masks made by Ohlala Partywear can be ordered in different colors. 

Masks of lace are supplied free of charge

Free delivery within the Netherlands over an amount of € 70,-. Order your lace masks with several girlfriends and make sure you get a free delivery. 

Filigree masks by Ohlala Partywear, amazing!

Filigree masks made by Ohlala Partywear are amazing. The filigree masks are offered in different styles and models by Ohlala Partywear. Filigree masks in various colors are presented to you on the Ohlala website, as well as in our showroom. 

Ohlala Partywear has filigree masks in different colors

Not only do our filigree masks made by Ohlala Partywear differ from most providers, but the filigree masks are offered in various colors as well. Filigree masks by Ohlala Partywear in black, gold, silver, Fucha pink, purple blue and many more colors. Choose your different colored Ohlala Filigree masks here.

Filigree masks with a unique fit

A mask should not irritate. Filigree masks of Ohlala Partywear have a unique and amazing fit. This unique fit gives the masks flexibility to everyone's face. 

Leather Masks Ohlala Partywear fore a complete a metamofose

The leather masks of Ohlala Partywear can be worn on any theme party. They have a unique look and therefore give your face a complete metamofose. Unrecognizability at a theme party is the desire of every party animal. 

Ohlala Partywear recommends our own leather masks

The leather masks of Ohlala Partywear are made by a private artist for Ohlala Partywear. The leather masks are artistic. Fine ultra-thin leather is processed with care and make the leather masks of Ohlala Partywear completely unique. Whatever choice you make for a leather mask, the leather mask must always fit well. We usually have the following leather masks in stock: 

Black leather masks, basic leather, saddle leather black masks

Red leather masks, devil red leather, red fire masks of leather

Unique Leather theater masks, leather mask customized


Leather masks with a perfect lifelike appearance

The leather masks Ohlala Partywear are so well fitting they give them a perfect lifelike appearance. 

What leather mask fits you well?

Because all the masks of leather have a unique fit, every leather mask will probably suit you well. The leather masks are available in all shapes and models at Ohlala Partywear. Do you have a mask style that is not yet on our website, please contact us and let us make you a custom made lather mask. Purchase your masks with our secure payment options.  

A leather mask with tons of comfort and pleasure

A leather mask is well fitting and is to be worn with pleasure. The leather mask provides comfort while being worn, cools well and has a flexible fit. If you must wear a mask for a long time leather is extremely portable and comfortable. Choose your favorite model on our website Ohlala Partywear. All of our leather masks are supplied from stock.